Xiuying Battery



Xiuying Battery is located behind the fire station on Middle Jinmao Road. To get to the entrance (closed until further notice) walk up the hill alongside the fire station.

Xiuying Battery (Xiuying Fort Barbette) was built in 1891 to defend the southeastern corner of China during the Sino-French War. The Xiuying Fort Barbette covers about a third of an acre. Its five large cannons are still intact and viewable at the site.

A barbette is a protective circular armour feature around a cannon or heavy artillery gun. The name comes from the French phrase en barbette referring to the practice of firing a field gun over a parapet (defensive wall) rather than through an opening.

Unfortunately this historic site is now in a bad state of decay. It has been closed to tourists for some time now and no one knows if it will re open. As you can see in this photograph the outside wall is starting to crumble. It would be a great loss to history if this site is left to deteriorate further.

Xiuying Battery Photo Gallery