Jin Niu Ling Yuan (Golden Bull Park)



Jin Niu Ling Yuan (also known as Golden Bull Park) is located on Middle Haixiu Road.

It covers a large area and includes the Haikou Zoo and the Martyr’s Mausoleum.

It is a good place to stroll around and relax for a while. Many couples have their wedding photographs taken here.

There is an artificial waterfall near the main entrance that drops from in front of the statue of the bull. There are jets of mist that spray out from around the bull and the waterfall. Unfortunately the water fall and the mist are often not turned on.

Inside the park is a large pigeon enclosure and the pigeons fly around free in a large area in front. You can buy small bags of corn to feed the pigeons. Children love to have the pigeons take the corn from their hands.

A short walk down the path to the left of the entrance you come to a a tall row of steps that leads to the Martyr’s Mauseleum. This area has been recently renovated. There is a new monument at the top of the steps. It is worth spending some time here to look around all the grave sites. There is another entrance on the right side of the site that goes back into the park near the childrens amusement area.

The gardens in the park are well kept. It is very pleasant to walk around here and just admire the garden. There are plenty of seats in shaded spots to sit down and relax.